An Evening in An-Andalus


19:00 - 22:00


St Ann's Church
St. Anns Church St. Ann Street Manchester, Manchester, M2 7LF

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The music and songs of Jews, Muslims and Christians, who wove their fortunes and destinies on Iberian soil, in meetings and court festivities or alongside daily chores, were heard in houses and palaces as well as in streets, squares and souks, tell us about their festivities, their celebrations and rituals, their intimate feelings and also about historical events that took place at the end of old Europe. All this has passed, as a living testimony, from mouth to mouth, from soul to soul from the time they were created until the present day.

The concert ‘An Evening in An-Andalus’ showcases the sounds of medieval musical instruments from all over the Mediterranean area.

With this music and poetry, these songs and dances, men and women cemented their identity in the past, which is now that of men and women in the 21st century.

Concert programme:

  • EL KATIVO (Anon. Traditional Sephardic from the Balkans)
  • EL MARIDO KARPINTERO (Anon. Traditional Moroccan Sephardic)
  • DEZILDE A MI AMOR y EL TORO DE PLASENCIA (Anon. Traditional Sephardic from Morocco and Cantiga de Santa María nº 144)
  • POKO LE DAS y BETAYHI (Anon. Traditional Sephardic from Bulgaria and traditional Andalusian)
  • EL AGUADERO (Anon. Traditional Sephardic from Tetouan, Morocco)
  • EL MORO DE CONSUEGRA (Cantiga de Santa María, nº 192 and 397, King Alfonso X, el Sabio)
  • SOL LA SADIKA (Anon. Traditional Sephardic from Turkey)
  • A CHANTAR (Trobairitz condesa Beatriz de Día, s. XII)
  • TANT M’ABELIS (Troubadour Berenguer de Palou , s. XII)

Tickets : £20 (£15 concessions)

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