A brief tour of the church.

Red leaf

1 – The Altar   On this table are placed the bread and wine at Holy Communion. We eat and drink as Jesus told us to that we might be one with him in our lives

2 – The Lady Chapel   Dedicated to Mary the mother of Jesus, this is set aside as a place for private prayer and reflection.

 3 – The Organ Console   The organ is played from here.

4- The Lectern   Here the Scriptures are read in services and the story of faith nourishes us.

5 – Bookstall   Books, cards and souvenirs are available here.

6 – Churchwardens’ Pew   Churchwardens are elected by the people of St Ann’s to work with the clergy in promoting the life of the Church.

7 – Prayer Requests   On this table you can request prayers and find information about services and other events.

8- The Pulpit   Here the preacher challenges us to a living faith and in turn we are comforted by God’s faithfulness.

9 – Candle stand   You may light a candle here as an aid to prayer.

10 – The Font   The bowl for the water of baptism. In baptism adults or children receive the forgiveness of God and his strength to grow in the way of Jesus Christ.

11 – The Chancel   The stalls here are for the choir.

If you need more information about the church, please contact us at the church on 0161 834 0239.