Getting Married in St Ann’s

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This page sets out essential guidance and information about how you will need to plan for your wedding in St Ann’s and how we can help. Each wedding is different – not only because the hymns, readings and music which are chosen are special for the day but because each couple, their families and friends are unique.

The wedding is carefully prepared in consultation with the clergy and other staff of the church. Leading up to the wedding is a period of anticipation which couples and their families very often enjoy. There is much to think about as you get ready not only for the day of the wedding but also for your life ahead. We aim is to ensure a joyful day which is as hassle-free as possible and which will help you have a firm foundation for the years to come.

You will need to read the leaflet Legal Information in conjunction with this one. Before any planning of the day can properly begin we will need to agree a date and time for the service and you will also need to complete an application form.

The clergy of St Ann’s aim to meet each couple several times to explore what is involved and to go over the service in detail and what it means. We are happy to assist you with any practical or legal questions


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